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Who is Kreative Collections?


We're two passionate and dynamic women who share a deep love for art, entrepreneurship, and the power of creative expression. As roommates and close friends, we united our unique artistic styles to birth a brand that transforms everyday household items and apparel with a touch of creativity. Rooted in a deep appreciation for design and an unwavering commitment to detail, we've breathed life into our vision through Kreative Collections.

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What is Kreative collections?


Kreative Collections, headquartered in the heart of noho arts district, is the brainchild of talented artists Kirby Ellwood and Kelinda Star White. We specialize in infusing creativity and functionality into everyday household items, spanning imaginative home decor to stylish apparel, all thoughtfully crafted with our unique artistic vision.

Yet, Kreative Collections is more than just a brand; it's a celebration of individuality, self-expression, and the boundless world of creativity. We're passionate about adding a touch of fun and flair to every home and life we touch. What's more, collaboration is at our core; we love to partner with fellow creative minds to bring even more unique experiences to our customers.

With the introduction of Kreative Capture, our 360 Photo Booth experience, we're expanding horizons to offer innovative and imaginative ways to celebrate life's moments. Welcome to Kreative Collections, where creativity knows no bounds, and collaboration sparks new artistic adventures.