Kreative Collaborators

Who are you?

Joseph Duarte

It's in the story.

Branding and story telling go hand in hand together. With 10+ years in the creative industry, I am confident that we can build your brands story together. 

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How did we Collaborate?

Product Pictures

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Who are you?

Valerie Garrett

Valerie Garrett, Small business owner, video production company, one of my favorite videos our team has created was collaborating with the NBA All-Star Weekend and "the Alan's: Magician and mentalist"

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How did we collaborate?


Created and Produced Kreative Collections Commercial.

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Who are you?

Jeremy Olenski

I have been an artist and graphic designer for over 12 years. A highlight would be creating Halloween characters and key art for universal studios and Lebron James.

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How did we collaborate?

Design/ Paint Merchandise

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Who are you?

Travone Geovonie

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How did we collaborate?

Photography & Videography

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